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Improving Convergence in Eta Designer

Eta Designer uses a periodic steady-state (PSS) simulation as a basis for many of its analyses. Efficiency, loss and control simulations all rely on a valid PSS simulation result to function correctly. In complex and isolated power converter topologies, the PSS simulation may not converge easily, and additional efforts must be made to utilize Eta Designer's advanced analysis functions. This article provides some guidelines and advice to achieve steady-state convergence in your designs.

Introduction to the Magnetics Designer

Many power converters use custom-designed inductors and transformers to meet specific power supply requirements. Eta Designer offers a new tool to help engineers design and optimize custom magnetics in the context of their power converter. Once a core geometry and material are chosen, windings can be defined and arranged within the window, then the core, DC resistance, and AC losses are calculated based on the actual current waveforms of the converter.

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