First Public Beta Release

Eta One Power is excited to announce the release and public trial of our first product, Eta Designer. Eta Designer is a software tool for power electronics engineers to better understand and optimize their power converters. It enables engineers to understand the tradeoffs in their systems by simultaneously analyzing circuit topology, controls, magnetics, losses and pricing information.

The biggest challenge we see with current simulation software is execution speed. Running long simulation distracts from your train-of-thought, so we've built software that runs at the same speed you do - fast!

We're proud of the initial capabilities of the software, and what it allows you to do, but we know there's a ways to go before the main release. We're happy to share this demonstration with you, and to get your feedback and suggestions! For feedback and bug reports, you can report them directly in the program, or by emailing

Download the most recent version by clicking on Download at the top of this page, and don't forget to check back for upgrades periodically. Enjoy the latest in power electronics design software!

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